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Meng Huang's solo exhibition

Opening: June 20th, 2009, Saturday 16:00
Exhibition dates: June 21th to July 19th 2009, 11:00 – 18:00
Venue: BizArt Art Center
4/F, Bldg 7, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 62775358 / Fax: +86 21 62773400
E-mail: Vigy Jin vigyjin1020@gmail.com
Alexia Dehaene guanchaoqun@yahoo.com.cn

Born in 1966 in Beijing, living between Beijing and Berlin, Meng Huang mainly realizes large scale, dark colors paintings, most of which represent night landscapes. His works include “Paradise Lost” (from 1994 to 2001) where austere factories with their long chimneys stand in the dark of the night, or sea scenes are depicted in the twilight. Nature (“Water”, “Wood”, “Mountain” series…) is a recurrent theme in his works. Meng Huang captures the light of the night in shades of greys, blacks, and greens... These scenes, still and sometime threatening, where shapes become indistinct and nature seems to take over us, reflect the artist’s inner feelings and thoughts.
In a different field, his series “International Face” (2003-2006) consisting in black and white portraits of people with Down Syndrome, refers to the globalization and connections between East and West.
In this exhibition, Meng Huang will present an installation and a video on the themes of : “Rickshaw” shot in Pakistan, is a video work realized by placing two video cameras at the front and at the back of a rickshaw, a one hour witness of streets’ daily life, while “Rust” is an installation made of elements removed from their background, loses and gains meaning according to the place it is displayed.


In the exhibition space, two projections feature streets of a city in Pakistan. The artist hung a camera at the front and at the back of a Rickshaw shooting everyday life scenes. Standing between the two screens, visitors can imagine themselves sitting in the rickshaw.

On top of the projections, on a black background are hung characters made of iron, rusting, and damaged by gun bullets. Three sentences usually asked in prison: "Who are you? What is this place? What are you doing here?". Taken out of their context, these sentences can be applied to any environment....

BizArt's general manager with painter Zhang Enli, visual artist Liu Jianhua and Meng Huang.