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Dai Qing’s works exhibition


Opening: June 20[sup]th[/sup], 2009, Saturday 15:00
Exhibition dates: June 21[sup]st[/sup] to July 19[sup]th[/sup], 2009, 10:00 – 18:00 (Monday closed)
Venue: Shopping Gallery
1/F, Bldg 8, 50 Moganshan Road 200060 Shanghai
T: +86 21 62770903 / F: + 86 21 62771797
E-mail: shoppinggallery2008@gmail.com, www.shoppinggallery.cn

Drummer in a rock band in the 1990s, documentary maker, bar manager, wanderer, there hardly are things Dai Qing didn’t do. Her family counts a few artists who imparted to her since she was a child their painting techniques’ knowledge. Having not received an academic instruction, she keeps a free mind and spontaneity in her artistic expression, actively painting following her mood and feelings. She uses strong brushstrokes to depict expressive faces, imaginary characters, sometime close to caricatures, without any restraints. In her solo exhibition in Shopping Gallery, Dai Qing will present an abundant series of portraits reflecting her rich experience and varied encounters.

Dai Qing solo exhibition will be held from June 20[sup]th[/sup] to July 19[sup]th[/sup] in Shopping Gallery.


Conceiving Before Painting and Lingering Charm Beyond Rules

——about Dai Qing


By Jin Feng

Who is Dai Qing? She might be absolutely unknown in the art circle, yet when I saw her works and talked with her, her name remained engraved in my memory. Strictly speaking, for Dai Qing, painting is only part of her life, but for me, she is one of the rare persons who lives in harmony with herself.
For years she travelled and lived in various places around China and Southeastern Asia, mainly working in music bands or as a documentary filmmaker. She then hardly presented her paintings to the outside world. These activities and experiences undoubtedly enriched her understanding and imagination of life. Perhaps Dai Qing has a rebellious nature. I think that, being used to write songs and poetry in the dark, she doesn’t feel the same when she faces the sunlight. Through her words scribbled on her notebook we can see her night breath. I think she can’t be controlled by theories, she has always lived without them. If Dai Qing’s works should be categorized, then they would definitely belong to the Neo-expressionism movement. However, Dai Qing refuses to focus on art history, she even hardly know Picasso’s drawings. I can see in her works various masters’ shadows, yet she derides this kind of judgement. She implicitly tell me: “If you consider that I have a certain passion for modernism, this is your problem, I don’t need these things.” This kind of understanding leaves me absolutely disconcerted. As I think of ‘passion’, this thing, I believe that maybe in a certain realm some actions are self-taught, it is the action itself that matters and nothing else.
Dai Qing’s self-indulgence and rebellion leave her indifferent to others judgement and thoughts, she is: “Conceiving Before Painting and Lingering Charm Beyond Rules”. Most of her works are accomplished “in one breath”, without superfluous elements, or artifices. As I was talking with her, what she said the most was “Let nature take its course”, however I think it is very contradictory, although you want to let nature take its course, would you still be unrestrained and rebellious? This doesn’t sound much like Zhuang Zi! Later, I understood something, in Zhuang Zi “let nature take its course” is an excuse, the aims remain self-indulgence and rebellion. In other words, behind this attitude are hidden self-indulgence and rebellion, otherwise, the sentence “Let nature take its course” looses humanity. This is what I know of what we usually call a “hermit”. So, could Dai Qing be a contemporary hermit?

Anyhow, I think, Dai Qing’s works are sincere, more than that, they are human.

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Posters and invitations were designed after a photograph of the artist riding a motobike in Thailand.

At the entrance a wall filled with a text written by the artist about her life. On the floor: a television displays pictures from Dai Qing since her childhood, with a background music of bands she used to play with.

Paintings are hanged on a rotating chain. (Prices vary from 800 Rmb for a small painting with frame to 1000 Rmb for a larger one).

Painting series on the wall...


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Dai Qing's resume

Born on December 6th, 1973 in Shanghai.

When I was a child I was very naughty, and very hard to look after, so I didn’t go to kindergarten, I stayed at home. My father learned painting since his childhood (oil painting, Chinese classic painting), he also used to be an actor, worked as a magician, as a comic dialogist, a photographer, a documentary filmmaker, etc. He always gave me some homeworks to do, I was forced to achieve 10 paintings per day.

Afterwards, through connections I went to kindergarten, but I was very free, when other children were sleeping I was allowed not to sleep, I could go to other classes and draw.

Then, came a new teacher, I wasn’t that free anymore, I used to fight with the rest of the class. I was often misunderstood and nagged, the only solution I had was to fight…
At that time I often went to swim with my family. During my first year in primary school I was very quiet, and my results were very good. This way I had more time to play. I also drew very well then, the teacher often hung my drawings in the classroom. I also helped my friends to draw. I had many friends then, I didn’t fight, unless one of my friend was being bothered. A lot of boys liked to play with my hair (I never cut them), so I fought with them...
Afterwards, I loved to play, and my results decreased again. Since I was a child I was at home, I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere, I didn’t have much opportunity to play, aside from playing with the two nannies who were taking care of me.
From primary school to middle school, three teachers came at home to give me lessons: English, language, mathematics. They never allowed me to play.
During the summer and winter holidays in Grade 6 and in middle school, I used to do some Hip-Hop and fashion performances. At that time, the salary was of 50 Rmb per show.
My middle school and highschool were together. After highschool I studied cooking, first Chinese cooking then I graduated from the Third level of Western Cooking. I went to restaurants to work, clean the dishes, etc. We had to do some internships in various famous restaurants of Shanghai.

Then I started to do some music.

At that time, I also met first boyfriend, it was a platonic relationship, from then on I always had boyfriends. Each time I went somewhere I had a platonic partner.
I also started to learned sculpture and rock’s miniature landscape.
After that I was sent to a music academy to learn music. I studied for a year, then I stopped.. At that time I was quite free, I met some musicians and did some performances with them to earn some money. Then I went to Japan for a concert and came back.
My parents prepared everything for me to go to Beijing to learn painting, but I didn’t do what they said and opened a media company. At the beginning I didn’t have any place to live, I was staying at a painter’s house. In fact, my dad asked him to look after me, and organize everything so I could go to the Central Academy of Arts in Beijing. I met a lot of friends. I shot my first documentary film, it was about navigation. I stayed a long time in Beijing. At that time, I also painted people’s portraits in the street to make a living.
I didn’t graduate, I left a letter to my parents saying I was leaving them and going to Fujian to work in a music band. At that time I was always on the road making music concerts with a band, I went everywhere in Fujian. I lived by the sea, I could see Taiwan on the other side, and many time I saw some boats smuggling various products. Many music bands were taking drug… We find out later that our band’s singer was taking our money to buy some drug…Many musicians were also involved in smuggling.
Then I met a person from the army. He protected me. I stayed overthere quite a long time, also met a lot of people, they were all taking me for a guy, I always wore men’s clothing, if you dressed like a woman you could easily get some troubles. I’ve been robbed a few time already.

Having earned some money I came back and opened a restaurant with nightclub on Nanjing road, called “Sun and Sea”. At that time I was in my twenties which was too young to be a boss: the chef, singer, and night club manager often nagged me… I had good relationship with people from the Bureau of Culture, they helped me a lot. The restaurant was opened for a month, but due to the construction of a metro station the club had to be pulled down.
At that time I also met my first and last girlfriend (we had a platonic relationship), she was a violonist, she came form Beijing with a Japanese boyfriend. They suddenly broke up and she didn’t have any place to stay. I started to look after her, our feelings grew stronger and stronger, she was very grateful to me, once she left a note to me saying that I was the one who took the best care of her since she was child. She said she wanted to live with me the rest of her life, I suddenly realize that she misunderstood my feelings for her. She was depending too much on me, our relationship started to be very complicated, we broke up. She is now married to a Swedish man, they live overthere. After this experience, I was afraid of getting to close to girls…
When I was working as a drummer in rock bands, a lot of girls came to kiss me (no matter if Chinese or foreigner) sometime my face was filled with lipstick, I felt very ill at ease. I was even more afraid of women then.
Then I opened a bar… the kind of bar that foreigners like, on Hongmei Bei Road, it was a motorbike music bar. In the evening people could eat there and attend to some concerts, as I studied Western food cooking we did a lot of buffets. Then the bar closed down.
I opened another bar on Tianlin road, doing large scale concerts. I also did a few concerts on the rotating floor of the pearl tower television. Generally speaking, once the business was good, I pass on the management to someone else and opened a new bar. I also opened a bar on Hengshan Road, and a restaurant on the same road. It was also a music bar.

Then I went to Beijing. I travelled everywehere: I shot some documentary films in Dalian sea, went to Harbin, Xi An, Dunhuang, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and everywhere around Shanghai, doing different kind of jobs. I also travelled everywhere in Yunnan, filming the lugu lake, mountains and birds.
I opened a cafe-bar on Huaihai road in Shanghai (a bit like Tianzi fang). Some friends opened a small restaurant on Xietu road. I helped them to design the dishes, the bar, etc, then I left.

I went back to Thailand, Yunnan, I also went to Guizhou. I shot some documentaries, looked for things to collect, I make collections of stones, teapots, tea (pu’er tea), alcohol, ceramics, antiques, sandal woords, coins, stamps, watches, etc. Then I shot a documentary film on the Xuedou temple in Ningbo.

I naturally have a passion for astrology, religious cultures. At the beginning, my boyfriend was catholic, so I was also involved in this religion, then I was interested in Taoism, I also studied the Zen current in Bouddhism, and Vajrayana Buddhism. Once in a while I stay in temples for a certain time.

Currently, I paint in Shanghai, but every one or two months I travel around.