CHINA BOX Prague Biennale 4 China Section
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CHINA BOX Prague Biennale 4 China Section

Source: City Weekend (Beijing) - Website

ARTISTS: Cui Jie, Li Chao, Li Qing, Li Wei, Qin Chong, Qin Qi, Tu Hongtao, Wang Guangle, Wang Yabin, Wang Yaqiang, Xue Jun, Ye Yongqing
Curated by Cecilia Freschini

Opening: May 14th-15th-16th (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 2009 Dates: May 14 - July 26 Venue: Karlin Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

Presented by Prague Biennale Foundation, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, International Art and Culture Foundation of Spain (IAC)

PRAGUEBIENNALE is already in its forth year. Having established itself as one of the most dynamic and interesting Biennale all around the world. This internationally acclaimed biennale in Czech Republic has become the international reference point, especially with regards to painting.

PRAGUEBIENNALE 4 (May 14 - July 26) is the biggest show focusing on young painting all around the world.

PRAGUEBIENNALE 4 , as usually will present EXPANDED PAINTING, as the main project in the Biennal program. This is the hugest selection of the today young artists never been shown during an art biennale. Expanded Painting is dedicated to painting from all over the world with all its diverse connotations and in all its diverse conjugations. This year PRAGUEBIENNALE is proud to present the new section: "CHINA BOX", contemporary painting from China.

The curator Cecilia Freschini has introduced to this edition new contemporary paintings by twelve artists from China. The project is entitled "CHINA BOX", which is a symbol of Chinese philosophy, wisdom and creativity. "China box" is a show that communicates to the audience how an independent curator beholds and understands Chinese contemporary painting today:

"'China box' is China. 'China box' is the basement of the social, economic and artistic structure. 'China box' is the weft, a desires' pix in which are hedged in ideals, thoughts and cultural creativity. 'China box' is the answer."

Cui Jie 崔洁,拼图系列:紫禁城,布面油画,200x280cm,2008(2.拼图)

Li Chao 李超, 卧轨-1, 布面油画,155×200cm, 2007

Li Qing 李青,互毁而同一的像·梅兰芳2,布面油画, 170X127cmX2,2008

Li Wei 李威, 无侠镇, 布面油彩, 150×200cm, 2008

Qin Chong  秦冲, 影子-明, 纸本水墨, 2007.

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Qin Qi 秦琦, 豆腐-2, 布面油彩, 120×100cm, 2008

屠宏涛, 39.5℃, 布面油彩, 180x130cm, 2008

Wang Guangle 王光乐, 水磨石200805, 布面油彩, 180×160cm, 2008

Wang Yabin 王亚彬,通天塔, 波拉照片绘画, 10.7×8.8cm2007

Wang Yaqiang 王亚强, 替身演员, 布面综合材料, 150×120cm, 2008

Rossana Buremi, Superamore, 2008. Oil and plasticine on plywood board, 50 x 50 x 5 cm. Courtesy the artist.

Tereza Vlčková, from the series Mirrors Inside, 2008-2009. Pigmented inkjet print HP Vivera, 100 x 150 cm. Courtesy the artist

Jiří David, Černá, undated. Mixed media on canvas, 110 x 120 cm. Courtesy Dominik Art Projects, Krakow.

Jozef Ondzik, Slovakia, 2003-2008. Photograph / / HP inkjet print, 40x60 cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Bernd Imminger, Untitled, 2008. Oil on cotton, 180 x 210 cm. Courtesy of artist.