Talk - Chen Zhou Video Exhibition - Platform
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Talk - Chen Zhou Video Exhibition

2009.06.01- 2009.06.21

Opening Date: June 1st, 2009, 4pm
Venue:Platform China Contemporary Art Institute Project Space
Address: East End Art Zone A, 319-1 Caochangdi Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

Since 2009, Platform China has moved our Project Space to Caochangdi Village. We will continue to organize series projects and shows of talent young artists – some of them may have already been known by the public and have some experimental ideas want to release, some of them may still study at school. The new project space is located just beside our main exhibition space in Caochangdi. What we want to set up is an easy approach platform that can support the development of artistic practices at an early or transforming stage in an artist’s career, hope to contribute the Chinese art infrastructure. The project space will have about 10-15 projects and shows a year.

This is the second show of our 2009 Young Artists Project Section. We will represent a solo video project of Chen Zhou on the 1st of June. Chen Zhou will graduate from Central Academy of Fine Arts this coming summer. We will show his latest six videos.

Almost everyone had the ambiguous experiences, and felt boring. This will become the impress of growing up. From “Blood”, "Poem” to “Anima”, Chen Zhou discussed more about youth, grow up, sex and related topics. It’s just like those youth ever did: if gave you a minute to think, romantic or boring? ……Everybody have their special manner, which they believe properly to feel this world. So the sigh of every youth shouldn’t be ignored.

In artist’s latest series works -"Talk”, Chen Zhou finished a transform. In stead of personal feelings, he began to care about the depression and boredom that hidden in the everyday life of people. There isn’t cynical, but boring and gloomy: the video shows office worker is washing urinal, po:iceman is amusing himself, pretending dead, hurting body and playing blood……The artist thrown this mood to fanaticism unhesitatingly. Through the videos, he negated the depression and boredom by himself. In video "Talk-3", a father is playing with his daughter on bed. By slowing down camera’s speed and sound, the artist created a sexual feeling, which is hidden within the father. This is a feeling that is unconscious of the father himself. “Talk” series caught the slight moods that hiding in people heart : cleanliness, bloodsucking and sex. The artist enlarged these moods, a little fan tastic, but still under the normal experience. These videos are the personal bad indulgence of the artist, he made them in a slight easy and romantic mood, but somehow hidden a little uneasy. In these series, there is no storyline but reasonless action performance. The timeline of these videos are also disturbed. Chen Zhou is trying to break the normal reading manner of which is using storyline and timeline. He wanted to make the viewers to gain the most direct sentiment and experience.

讨论-1 Talk No.1 / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 9'20'' / 2008

讨论-2 Talk No.2 / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 13' / 2009

讨论-3 Talk No.3 / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 6'17'' / 2009

阿尼玛Anima / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 8'10'' / 2008

诗歌Poem / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 60'' / 2007

瞎子The Blind / 单通道视频Single Channel Video / 4'08'' / 2007