09 China Art Academy New Media Art Students Exhibi
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The 09 China Art Academy New Media Art Graduate Students Exhibition

-Exhibition Views-

Feng Chen, "Bicycle": two actors in a crossroad, one rides a bicycle and hit the other one, passing-bys stop and look at the seen.

Zhang Lianyun's work.

9 screens feature different's people bowls filmed from below.

Wang Jiajin, "Attention", installation.

A small dot of light on a black piece of cloth.


Yi Lian, "Second site", video.

Xu Ran, "God's torch", interactive installation.

People react differently as they faces are illuminated by the torch.

Pan Kun, "Death", computer animation film.

Zhang Shuai, "Flood", video

Li Hui Hui "Reborn", installation, video

Wang Wen, "Me and Them", photographs

"I communicated with people from different background, of different age to understand their criteria of beauty, and used some make up to create images according to their criteria.

Cha Lina, "Object for women to urinate while standing", a promotion of this product with video...

Yu Fei, "Greenhouse", installation

Yu Sicong, “Medical language”, photographs, video.

Hu Yawen, "Cloth-Explain-People", digital images

Li Jiang's work

Li Junqi, “Falling asleep”, installation.

a foetus.

Qin Qian, “Constant love – water spring”, installation.

Rong Zhen, "Midnight Scene", installation

Chen Tiantian, "1 m x 1 m x 1m/standard/maxim", installation

Lin Tingli, "Soul wandering", video installation

Liu Xiaoxi, “Confusing”, installation.

Zhang Ruyu's work

Xu Boyin's work

Yu Jiatao, “Note-Copy”, video

Luo Bin's work

Hu Qianqian’s work.
A photograph composed of the artist’s father images at different ages.

Cao Peng, “Theater”, installation

Kong Junxin’s work

Ye Si, “OREO-TARDIS/a defined sparkle”, installation.

Peng Jian, "Untitled", installation

Ceng Feng, “Wedding suitcase”, installation.

Zong Cheng, “Welcome”. Video.

Yan Weidan, “All of us and myself are in there”.

Lei Shurong, “Drifting between art and body”

Lang Can, “Non”, series 2.

Wang Jingni, “Narrow bed”, performance, installation, video.

Wang Qingru, “June 5[sup]th[/sup]”, photograph

Wang Dan, “Untitled”, video.

Li Yuxia, “Hair bunches memory”

Zhang Yu, “Childhood”, animation film

Wei Pan Pan, Source.