Ghosting: Li Qing's Solo Exhibition - Duolun
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Ghosting: Li Qing's Solo Exhibition

Source: Duolun MoMA website
Opening: 17th, April, 2009, 17:00
Exhibition Duration: 17th, April, 2009- 3rd, May, 2009
Venue: Shanghai duolun museum of modern art
Address: No.27.Duolun Road,Shanghai,China

Presented by:
The International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC) of Spain
Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
Shanghai duolun museum of modern art
Curator: Zhu Zhu

Exhibition Brief:
"Ghosting: Li Qing's Solo Exhibition" will be on show in Shanghai duolun museum of modern art from 17 April 2009 to3 May 2009.Li Qing, born in 1981, graduated from the China Academy of Art Oil Painting Department. He first made his mark with the exhibition of his highly acclaimed Finding Differences at the “Second Triennale of Chinese Arts”, held at the Nanjing Museum in 2005. It addresses the same question faced by all artists of the new generation – how to deal with the frictions and synergies taking place between the established social experience and the deepening effects of globalization. While Li Qing’s works address the above issues, he has not given up on pondering the internal logic of art history, especially the continued pursuit of the essence of painting. The intelligent and satirical arrangement of the picture in earliest Finding Differences leads the viewer to ponder the experience of art and reality, and for this we can say that Li Qing has restarted the interaction between viewer and painting. One work from this series, Wedding, is currently on display at the Saatchi Gallery in London as part of the exhibition “The Revolution Continues: New Chinese Art”.

Li Qing’s exploration into forms of “interaction” is further embodied by his experimentation with the act of painting itself. Compared to his Finding Differences series, Images of Mutual Undoing and Unity is more extreme and conceptual. In this series, he takes two paintings that haven’t dried and sticks them together. When they are pulled apart, two wholly new images are formed. The act of sticking them together is destructive, but it leads to “unity” between the two images. Li Qing has also brought his experience from the exploration of painting language into new mediums. The video installation Ping-pong hands the act of “mutual destruction” to the audience, bringing them into the artwork’s process of expounding on the conflicts and permeation that takes place between two civilizations. This is the root of the exhibition’s name, “Ghosting”.

Aside from presenting the painting series Finding Differences and Images of Mutual Undoing and Unity, this exhibition will also present approximately thirty works of video, installation and photography, which will give you a deeper understanding of this new generation Chinese artist who has engaged in a rare and exemplary unification of concept and language.


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