Interrupt - Exhibition views!!
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Interrupt - Exhibition views!!

Fei Contemporary Art Center 709 Lingshi Road,
Building No. 40-2F.
Shanghai. China. 200072
tel: +86 21 6630 7268 fax: +86 21 6630 7268

To interrupt is to create ‘pause’ within the flow of a discourse or action. It is counter to what is being said or done simply by means of being an obstacle. When we propose this exhibition, it is not to light the way for some grand theory, set eyes on a sparkling new direction, illuminate or even entertain.There is no curator, no suggestion or limitation of subject matter, no template for the artists or the audience to follow. It is essentially formless; consisting purely of what the artist decides to include – individually and without even mutual consultation.As an exhibition, what ’Interrupt’ does is to bring purposelessness together as a display of anti-conversation, of counter-logic, an embracing of contradiction.It could be seen as an interruption of the normal practice of the artist, and the way art is exhibited. In other words, ‘Interrupt’ is a blurting out of what’s on the mind, thrust centre place into (what’s become) the normalized state of the arts.

Artists: Du Lizhi, Li Ming,Li Pinghu,Shao Yi,Wang Xiaofeng,Wu Ye,Zhang Liaoyuan
Curator: Participating artists
Art Director: Li Xiaofei
Assistant Director: Zhang Li
Designer: Guo Qingling

DU Lizhi, An event in 2009, video installation

The video features people excavating the two famous heads of animal sculpture from the Summer Palace.

Next to it, the two sculptures displayed in glass showcases...and guards do watch after them.

DU Lizhi, Night, video


A certain night, a car accident occurs, po:iceman, insurance company and drivers are all there... yet the scene doesn't seem quite normal.

LI Pinghu



On a stage set in the exhibition space, five men (business men?), sit, read newspaper, etc. Then one after the other they start to scratch themselves, tearing their skin off. The movement becomes frenetic, performers help each other to scratch their skin away, and throw it on the floor. Then they sit back to their initial position.

WU Ye, Me too, video


The video depicts the artist hodling a rabit, rotating... he falls down as well as the rabit. He repeats the action until the rabit dies.

LI Ming, Doctor Ou Yang's midnight, video


A doctor, insane, examines his own body, with fear and repulsion.

LI Ming, 99 and 1, performance, video, installation


The work consists in a video and an installation. The artist realized a performance with 100 eggs.

ZHANG Liaoyuan, A series, installation

Are there all the things you need in these namecards?

A piece of magnet is insert in a courier envelop, it attracts all the metal elements and leaves a trace on it.

Drawings on courier forms, an interaction between the sender and the receiver.

The weight of light. A film doesn't weight the same before and after being used. 

Different constellations, and astrological signs according to the validity dates of the packages.

SHAO Yi, 10 cm/hour, performance, installation


A huge incense displayed on the exhibition room ceiling... It will need 360 hours to be fully consumed.

WANG Xiaofeng, Source, interactive installation


The plate is filled with porc's blood, as the visitors make noise blood spurt from the center.

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