Uncertain future - lectures cycle in Beijing
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Zenith Culture International and Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City
will launch the annual educational art project since April 2009

A project presented by: Juliette Yuan

Edition one       

Forum on “Uncertain Future”

The forum is lead by experts who utilize new media art in their respective research fields. The speakers will give an overview of how pluri-disciplinary projects are realized in China, and present the themes which will be covered in the future lectures.

Time: April 11th, 2009 (Sat.), 2pm-4pm

Venue: Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City, multi-function hall

No.9, Chang Pu He Yan, Nan Chi Zi Street
Dongcheng District, Beijing China 100006
T: +86 10 6528 7021
F: +86 10 6532 4828
E: julietteying@gmail.com

Co-presented by:

Chen Haitao (director Platform China Contemporary Art Institute)
Huang Du (independent curator, art critic)
Lin Qiwei (media artist)
Ma Gang (professor Central Academy of Fine Arts)
Wang Hui (founding partner Urbanus Architecture & Design)
Wang Jianwei (independent artist)
Wei Xing (curator Tang contemporary)
Yao Jing (editor-in-chief for Foreign magazines in Beijing)
Zhang Changcheng (Director Beijing Modern Dance Company)

Media sponsor: Art Map (www.artmap.com.cn), Art-Ba-Ba (www.art-ba-ba.com)
Supported media: Beijing Youth Weekly, Interior Design China, Frame China, Area China

Entrance: free

Organized by: Zenith Culture International, Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City

Project management team
Supervisor: Fu Shuming
Execution: Suo Yi
Media: Zhao Yang, Meng Hui
Administration: Wang Biao


Uncertain Future, New Media Art  Games

is an educational art project, based on a series of discussions and games, which takes the development of new media art in China as its research target. The project will last for one year, one edition per month.

New Media Art in China started when Chinese artists incorporated DV technology into their works. The discipline took a different evolutionary track from that in the west.  The project tries to present the current research on the discipline and its development since it was introduced as an “imported art” in China. The guest speakers will share their insight as to nma’s future advancement and influence on Chinese society, culture, and lifestyle. .

The project encompasses monthly lectures and workshops (interactive games) to be held between April 2009 through December 2009. Each lecture and workshop will be presented by guest lecturers from different fields such as contemporary art, music, dance, architecture, engineering, science. The project is envisioned as an experimental field where the audience’s exposure to the lecturers will  enable them to further their own inquiry into the uncertain future of new media art.


The 2nd edition of "Uncertain Future" will be held on May 23 and 24, 2009, at the same venue.
May 23, Victoria Vesna, the new media artist from the US also UCLA New Media Art & Architecture Institute professor will share with us her new research and projects on "Sound + Science";
May 24, Chinese media artist Yan Jun will interpret the theme of "Old media art and Music".
Welcome to join us!

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Uncertain Future, New Media Art & Games

2nd Edition

A project presented by: Juliette YUAN

Time: May 23rd (Sat.) and 24th (Sun.), 2009, 2-4pm
Venue: Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City, Multi-function hall
N9, Chang Pu He Yan, Nan Chi Zi Street, Dong Cheng District, Beijing
T:+86 10 6532 9146
F:+86 10 6532 4828
E: julietteying@gmail.com


May 23rd (Sat.)
Sound + Science: Vibrations of Metamorphosis
By Victoria Vesna

Nano is not only making the invisible visible but also changing our way of relating to "silence" or making the in-audible audible. With all the noise of chattering technologies and minds, we propose the interactivity to be stillness for in this empty space of nano we can get in touch with the magic of continuous change.
This workshop will center on sound vibrations from natural systems both metaphoric and actual applied in three artworks that seek to create an experience though immersive, vibrational interactive environments: Mood Swings, Cell Ghosts and Blue Morph. Through these works, I will argue that amplified inaudible vibrations are critical in media arts explorations.

Victoria Vesna, Media artist, Professor at the department of Design | Media Arts at the UCLA School of the Arts, Director of the UCLA Art | Sci center and the UC Digital Arts Research Network and holds a joint appointment at the New School / Parsons in New York.

May 24th (Sun.)
My old media arts
By Yan Jun

The conference will focus on the artist's creation based on Field recording (for instance “Wormhole” and “Nan Ya Island Diary”), the relation between the media and the artist himself, and what he has done with the recording equipments.

Yan Jun, working on realm of sound and words. Born in Lanzhou in 1973, now based in Beijing.
Yan’s live performance engages space feedback, loop and voice/language to make hypnotic noise. He also is doing filed recording and related sound art.

The re-definition of Sound Art in China
By Lin Chiwei

1st part: Introduction about Lin Chiwei's art works along with audio/video projections.
2nd part: Open discussion with the public about the re-definition of Sound Art in China.

Lin Chiwei, artist, researcher. Born in 1971 in Taipei, Taiwan; currently lives and works in Beijing, China.
Works on Video and Music composition since 1992.


The 3rd edition presentation

The 3rd edition will be held on July 4th, 2009. Several young architects coming from different countries will give their opinions on the interactivity between contemporary architecture and new media art. We look forward to seeing you again in July!


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