MOVE group photography exhibition
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an exhibition of rhythm, action, transformation, and fluctuation; of humanity, sensuality, and urbanity

Audrey Salmon
Arnaud de Gramont
Jean-Sebastien Lallemand

7th March, 2009 – 13th April, 2009
Opening 7th March, 3-8pm

MOVE is an exhibition of rhythm, action, transformation and fluctuation. The
body moves through space, liquid cloaking human matter. Chinese urbanity
erupts everywhere. Megalopolises built practically overnight cause vertigo.
City lights are blinding. Is man lost in this expanse?

Shocked by China’s frantically mutating cities, Audrey Salmon sets out to
respond to the urban collision that engulfs her. For each work in this series,
the artist uses just one photo to recreate layered cityscapes that seem out of
control yet eerily balanced.

With perfect execution and depth of image, Jean-Sébastien Lallemand
conveys simultaneously the mobility and the stability of flesh. Grey games of
body and liquid are both sensual and violent; they remind of innocent
childhood games, yet also call to mind the vile torture techniques.

Arnaud de Gramont’s work hovers at the boundary of reality. His works,
drenched in colour and aggressively emanating fluorescent city neon signs
are reminders of the customary immensity of megalopolises the world over.

Timelessness and fluctuations between fixity and mobility are conveyed as
three separate visual and psychological visions that allow the viewer to travel
through different landscapes and also to question the origins of movement.

ifagallery contemporary art
621 Changde Road

Jean-Sebastien Lallemand, Untitled 01, 2004
Audrey Salmon, MA013-Mecity, 2004