Jia Zhangke: 24 City
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Jia Zhangke: 24 City
Feb 23–Mar 8, 2009

[CROSSTALK Beijing #2]
Reflection of Times: From Industrialisation to Urbanisation
4:00pm—6:00pm, Feb 28, 2009

Beijing Angle Modern Art (4/F, Tower 1, Zhongguo Hongjie, Jia 2 Gongti Dong Lu)
(86) (10) 6561 8327
info [at] shaofoundation.org.cn

24 City is the latest feature film by the Golden Lion winning director Jia Zhangke. Set in a fifty-year old state-owned military weapon factory in Chengdu, China, it tells the stories of the relocation and demolition of the factory's warehouses, workshops and industrial plants through the real and fictional narration of three women and five factory workers. Collectively, these stories of the sacrificed and destroyed present the memories, beliefs, youth and passion that were buried in time.

Curated by Shao Foundation, 'Jia Zhangke: 24 City' focuses on topics such as social transformation, political reform, and the rapid renewal of physical environments, attempting to present the subtle changes in the relationship between the collective and the individuals. Inspired by the film's technique of integrating documentary and fictional elements, the design of the exhibition combines unused footage of workers' interviews with 'framed' views of the construction sites outside of the gallery, streamed in real time. Special walls (a type of wall known as weishengqiang popular in the Chinese household in the 1980s, usually with the lower half painted in green), furniture, film props and the collage of still photographs of the interviewed workers and the demolished factories will be incorporated into a modern office environment. By juxtaposing the spaces of the film and the reality, 'Jia Zhangke: 24 City' offers you a glimpse of the individual's fate in a distant and forgotten era.

As the second installment of Shao Foundation's CROSSTALK Beijing conversation programme, a panel discussion titled 'Reflection of Times: From Industrialisation to Urbanisation' will be held in conjunction with the exhibition. From Xiao Wu to Still Life to 24 City, Jia has been constantly examining the changes of China's reality with his movies, while gradually shifting focus from the small towns in the countryside to modern cities. Although dealing with heavy subjects such as urbanisation, factory reform and historical mutation, he nevertheless chose to portray the underdogs and to reproduce the process of the factory's relocation in fragments. Together, they constitute urban people's perspectives on and reflections of an industrial time. During the panel discussion, Jia himself, noted cultural critics and scholars specialised in the study of Jia's films will be present to talk about the aforementioned topics.

The discussion will be conducted in Chinese with English translation. Guest list will be announced shortly.


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