Cao Fei, NO LAB in RMB City. New Orleans Biennale
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NO LAB in RMB City: Movin' on Up!

Visitors (via second life avatars) can wander among the virtual shotgun houses and oak trees, and even drive a carnival cart through the empty streets, while encountering figures like Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama and Waiting for Godot's Pozzo and Estragon (in homage to Paul Chan's reenactment of Samuel Beckett's play in the Lower Ninth Ward). Of course, they will also experience a virtual storm that floods the entire land, and then recedes again, in an endless cycle…

Though distinct from the rest of RMB City by its striking black-and-white style (rendered by noted Second Life builder Sinewave Company), NO LAB is similarly a space for public interaction and dialogue. Though the full city is still under construction (opening in late 2008), avatars may also visit the Preview Center and the People’s Worksite to learn more about the city. Come visit NO LAB in Second Life and in New Orleans itself, to witness and participate in this ongoing discussion about urban space, society, and the trauma/drama of change.

In Real Life: Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
In Second Life: RMB City: New Orleans, RMB City 2 (96, 170, 31) City 2/96/170/31/

“NO LAB in RMB City” is supported by: Vitamin Creative Space (Guangzhou,
China) and Lombard-Freid Projects (NewYork, USA)
“NO LAB in RMB City” Builder: Sinewave Company (UK)

About RMB City:

RMB City is a virtual art community in the online world of Second Life, initiated by Beijing artist Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) as a public platform for creativity. Opening in late 2008, it will continue to grow and change over its two-year run, with the participation and support of leading international art institutions and networks. The city is a laboratory for experiments in art, design, architecture, literature, cinema, economy, society, and beyond.

For more information, please contact:

Landmark in Second Life: RMB City 1 (130, 123, 140)

Developer of RMB City: Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) and Vitamin Creative Space
Facilitator: Uli Sigg Public Presenter: Serpentine Gallery (London)
Chief Engineer: Avatrian

Planning/Promotion Phase: December 2007- July 2008
Construction Phase: July- Fall 2008
Open City: Late 2008-Fall 2010

Artist Bios:

Cao Fei (SL: China Tracy) (

Born 1978, Guangzhou/Lives and works in Beijing, China Known for her multimedia installations and videos, Cao Fei is acknowledged as one of the key young artists emerging from Mainland China. She mixes social commentary, popular aesthetics, Surrealism, and documentary conventions in her films and installations. Her works comment on the rapid and chaotic changes that are occurring in all facets of Chinese society.

MAP OFFICE (Gutierrez + Portefaix) (

MAP OFFICE is an interdisciplinary design and research platform conceived by Laurent Gutierrez (1966, Casablanca) and Valérie Portefaix (1969, Saint-Etienne). Based in Hong Kong since 1996, both epitomize a new breed of architects who are rethinking the socio-political agencies of architecture. Their projects focus on territorial strategies of global spaces, involving a critical analysis of spatial and temporal anomalies and documentation of the ways in which human beings subvert and appropriate spaces for their own uses. A sense of play exists in much of their collaborative work, through a practice including text, drawing, photography, video and the creation of new platforms of communication.

About Second Life (

Second Life was conceived as an online platform for participants to create a parallel reality in which to live out their dreams, and 14 million people worldwide have registered since it launched in 2003. Each user is represented by an ‘avatar’, a digital figure that they can customize and control. As well as visiting existing environments and communicating with other inhabitants, participants can purchase land, design buildings, develop businesses and trade in a marketplace of their choice.
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