【上苑展讯】Josh Gibbs(英)个展 | 分散的角落|Loose Corners
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【上苑展讯】Josh Gibbs(英)个展 | 分散的角落|Loose Corners


艺术家 | Artist: Josh Gibbs

开幕 | Opening:2019.10.31,15:30

地点 | Venue:北京市怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村上苑艺术馆

Shangyuan Art Museum, Shayukou Village, Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing

Beijing. Is there truly such a thing as an "urban village"?


Pockets of land turn inside out and back, are torn apart and sown again differently, unwanted elements dropped aside into obscurity. They morph from affluence, to dereliction, to cramped opportunity, to showpiece. Villages become suburbs become nothing. Well, not nothing, let’s say they’re “green”...


Names and functions change. In 1939, invaders discover quality clay deposits in the decayed dynasty’s hunting grounds east of the Ming wall. Dabeiyao (Big North Kiln) is built, both the oven and the community named after it. A section of Dabeiyao hurriedly fulfills the wartime purpose of a Huàshīyíng (bodies camp). When the war is over something less gloomy is due; its name (un)comfortably switches to Huàshíyíng (fossils camp). In their w**es, its inhabitants accommodate each new local industry filling the grassroots workforce vacuum and feeding economic growth over the decades. Surviving all the way from the industrial period, to the construction period, to the digital age somehow without being swept under the tide of rapid gentrification, it is surrounded and outnumbered by glassy behemoths of really, really central (although not completely central).....business.


Truths, semi-realities, and fantasies follow:


Veil over the patchwork reality with facades, both glitzy and/or rustic, streamlining the fetishisation of rich cultural heritage and domesticated nature for commercial growth.


All that sand is utterly useless when it’s just lying on the sea bed like that.


When it comes to finding both fortune and discarded tiles, their uncertain shapes, ceramic on ceramic, chance is a dance. There may not be many opportunities to crack out that jazz hand.


Bold moves are for the greater good. Although, along the way there might be some who are "cute without the e".


Grey isn’t a shade, it’s a colour, a magnificent colour at that. It’s the colour of the bricks, or the tiles pretending to be bricks, and the cement that binds them. Though sometimes it must be fenced in behind far more shimmery glass surfaces.


It doesn’t matter whether brownfield land can become greenfield once again or not.


Yes, we still need your steel for this area. No, you can’t make it here anymore, move further out.


If a corner is cut you may not find out what is really around it.