【现场】山河跳!| 制性造别 | 泰康空间
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本月21日艺术家小组 山河跳!将以工作坊形式参与北京泰康空间展览“制性造别”,届时将有现场实时互动占卜,敬请关注。

On the 21st of this month, the artist-duo Mountain River Jump! will present a performance talk, as well as a workshop in the group exhibition "Genders Engender" at Taikang Space, Beijing, which will also include interactive divination on scene.

时间  Time

2018.04.21  15:00-16:30

地点  Location

泰康空间  Taikang Space

地址  Address


Red No.1-B2, Caochangdi, Cuigezhuang, Chaoyang district, Beijing

展览现场  Installation Views







Red Eyes

Bamboo sticks divination system and installation (ritual drum, video and text etc.)

Installation dimensions variable
Duration of the video 8'8", color, silent, 16:9, looped

81 divination notes in total, each note 7×14.8cm

A stand drum with painting on the surface, the diameter of the drum surface is about 60cm

Dimension of the installation is variable, 2018



The Eighty One Bamboo Divination Sticks: Stories that passed through generations are the containers of psychological projection in the society. Due to the deep interest in collective memories and how memes could be transmitted and examined, Mountain River Jump! has chosen some well known female characters and relating scenes from myths, legends, and tales to recreate a new divination system which is not based on any specific beliefs. Shake and get a bamboo stick, see if the explanation, the rewritten story can be an inspiration.

Ritual Drum: The world always encourages women to sacrifice themselves for others. In this ritual wishing process, when the audience strikes the woman's face on the drum, a healing activity transforms into a hurtful action.

关于工作坊  About Workshop


Mountain River jump! will invites the audience to real-time divination as well as a workshop. By reading out the oracle text according to the bamboo divination stick that each one has got, participants can share the understandings of the characters from those stories and myths. Accompanied by the beats of the ritual drum, an imitation of ritual experience may appear.

关于艺术家  About Artist


Mountain River Jump! is an artist-duo founded in 2016 by identical twin sisters HuangShan and Huang He, both of whom were born in 1985. They work as a group while continue their own practices under certain context. Mountain River Jump! like to discuss topics like samsara, astrology, card divination, ghost stories, mythology, etc., which are all denied officially in our secular context. Their interest covers the ancient and the modern. They apply lingual and visual “cultural psychoanalysis” to the reality nowadays and try to access the mainstream ideas and official utterance through the research of folklore. Their practices include a range of media from static visual works to moving images, lectures, workshops, divination behaviors, and sound.



Taikang Space

is a non-profit art institution devoted to the collection, exhibition, research, and promotion of Chinese contemporary art. It was founded by Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd in 2003, and has received long-term support from the company. In 2009, Taikang Space relocated from the 798 Art District to Caochangdi, an art village in northeast Beijing, where it remains today.



Established in Guangzhou, 2015. Persistently focusing on Pearl River Delta Area based artists, aspiring growth for both.


Yile Road No.51, Jinle Building Fl.3rd, Rm307, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

展览期间逢周一二休息,周三至周日 11:00-18:00


Closed on Mon-Tue, during exhibition, open on Wed-Sun 11:00-18:00

(Please use the side door on Sunday)




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