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展期:2017年3月31日 - 2017年7月9日


Zhang Peili: Record. Repeat.

Exhibition Time: 31 Mar. - 9 Jul., 2017

Organizer: Art Institute of Chicago

这个展览几乎每一件作品都会让我忍俊不禁,这是张培力在美国美术馆内的第一次回顾展。张培力被誉为“中国第一位影像艺术家”,擅长以揶揄的方式回应中国国家媒体作为政治宣传和娱乐的存在。此次展览由Orianna Cacchione策划,展示张培力1988年至2012年期间的作品,聚焦“重复”作为他的有力手段来颠覆中国电视台自文化大革命时代电影到现今新闻报道。戏剧被重新处理成喜剧效果,真理在屏幕上不断被重复——构成现实的每一个部分都变得神秘而可疑。

——《Hyperallergic》作者Claire Voon

I found myself giggling at nearly every video work in this exhibition, the first US museum retrospective of Zhang Peili. Known as China’s first video artist, Peili excels in his wry responses to Chinese state media, produced as both propaganda and entertainment. This engrossing survey of his work from 1988 to 2012, curated by Orianna Cacchione, focused on his affinity for repetition as a powerful tool to upset what is typically seen on Chinese television, from Cultural Revolution-era films to the daily readings of a news broadcaster. Drama is rehashed as comedy, truth gradually morphs into blather — what constitutes any reality becomes inscrutable but increasingly subject to question.

—Claire Voon



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