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刘耀华 2017-12-17

Bymid-October, an art project was invited by Mino,and I soon completed the program.

Originally planned to do so, I would choose to haze a very serious day, go out, balloonfilled with thousands of balloons, and then fill them in the M'room.the same day (balloons to create a festive atmosphere).

In addition, there will be a video, I drive in the streets wandering, camera rack in the roof, the camera has been shot up, and finally accompanied by lyrical and cheerful symphony, such as: Vivaldi, "Four Seasons" first movement spring .The name of the exhibition also played well, called: "Tonight Star."

Buyballoons and high-quality gas masks, I began to wait for the arrival of haze. I did not expect that all is a cloudless blue sky. Can not wait for haze, but  waited for a fire,followed by the city's "low-end population" inventory,expulsion and red, yellow and blue nursery child abuse cases, etc.

I think the haze must have been scared away . Later I learned that theso-called "Battle of the Blue Sky": From November 15 this year toMarch 15 next year, various urban roads and water conservancy projects, as wellas demolition and relocation of houses,

will be stopped in the six districtsand surrounding areas of Beijing. Reportedly, the move aims to make up fordecades of extensive economic development caused by the injury, reduce smog,water pollution and soil pollution on the life of residents.

Without hazy haze, I felt regrettable that I continued to pay attention on the internetfor the AQI PM2.5 real-time map, which produced the idea of transporting haze from other places to Beijing.

On the afternoon of December 15, the severity of haze in Zhengzhou was the highest in the country.I immediately contacted a friend in the area so that he could still send me abox of haze to Beijing with the balloon as a carrier.

On the opening day of the art project, I will hold an opening ceremony with friends at the scene to release them in M's room. From then on, they will be filled in the land of Beijing.

Thisis a gift to Beijing, of course, for the reality of the complex cruel, this is nothing more than an invalid action.

Liu Yaohua 2017-12-17


PS: In accordance with the wishes of the artist, the English part of the use ofGoogle translation, where appropriate, please readers to understand.


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Opening: 3:00 pm, 23th December, 2017

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