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把“Idealism”翻译成“唯心主义”时已经沾染了强烈的东方色彩,特别因为“心”字所造成的鸿沟。我们通常说的“唯心主义”的身份是预设好的,它有先天性的错误,甚至是在人们的约定俗成中被重新创造出来的。它不是理想主义,也不是Idealism。我们只是更乐意停靠在唯心主义 / Idealism旁边。文 / 黄河



11月09日  12:00 - 19:00


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Huang Shan, Huang He, Mountain River Jump! : Idealism in the East

Strong oriental flavor blended in the word "Idealism" when it transferred into "唯心主义" (Chinese for 'Mentalism / Idealism'), especially the misguidance of the character "心" (Chinese for 'Heart / Mind / Soul). Usually when we say the word "Idealism", the meaning of this word is preset, it has congenital misunderstanding, even a recreation of customary. It is neither mentalism or Idealism. We just prefer to lean on the 唯心主义 / Idealism.  — Huang He

Canton Gallery is enrolled in 2017 West Bund Art & Design with artist Huang Shan, Huang He, and artist group Mountain River Jump! . Artistic activity will be on scene, looking forward to your attendance.

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Add: Hall B, 2555 Longteng Avenue, West Bund Art Center, Shanghai



*The image in the poster is #25 "To Play the Guqin for A Bull" of "Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms: Legends in Human World", poster design by Chen Pai'an.


艺术家简介  Artist Introduction

黄山,1985年生于广州,生活与工作于佛山,长期为各杂志、品牌、时事媒体绘图。参加过的展览包括2017年第二届(墨西哥)中国女性艺术家录像艺术节,广州画廊群展“陈拍岸、黄山、赖志杰、黎卓華、文俊杰”;2015年德国基尔Brunkswiker Pavillon的“自然”,广东美术馆“机构生产——广州青年当代艺术生态考察”;2011年德国法兰克福德意志银行“Globe”项目等。图文曾刊登于《艺术界 LEAP》、VICE网页版等。2014年建立微型艺术基金会“三基金”。2016年与黄河组建艺术家小组“山河跳!”,近期参加的项目包括2017年纽约SLEEPCENTER“斗法”,北京长征空间“原地前进”等。近年来致力于图像社科命理学的研究。

Huang Shanwasborn in Guangzhou, 1985. Currently lives and works in Foshan, China. She has been working as an illustrator for magazines, brands, news media. She has attended in group exhibitions like "Chinese Women Artists Video Art Festival", Mexico(2017), "Chen Pai’an, Huang Shan, Lai Zhijie, Lai Cheuk Wah, Wen Junjie", at Canton Gallery(2017), "Ziran / Nature" at Brunkswiker Pavillon, Kiel, Germany(2015); "Institution Production" at Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China (2015); "A Three Days Treatment", Globe – Art, Music & Performance in the Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany (2011). Also her works were published in LEAP and VICE. In 2014, she founded the mini art foundation Three Foundation. In 2016, she formed the artist duo Mountain River Jump! with her twin sister Huang He. Their works were included in Reality Check at SLEEPCENTER, New York(2017), Marching in Circles at Long March Space, Beijing (2017). Recently she concentrates on studying social scientific issues link with numerological images.

黄山 Huang Shan

山寨之梦 Dream of knock-off (部分节选 Partial exerpt)

水墨纸本  Ink on paper, 25.5×19cm×6, 24×17cm×5, 2014

黄河,1985年生于广州。2008 年毕业于广州美术学院现居佛山,2016 年和双胞胎姐妹黄山组成艺术家小组山河跳!作为山河跳!小组成员与个人近期参加展览包括:斗法,2017 年纽约SLEEPCENTER;原地前进,2017 年北京长征空间;个人展览黄河:狗尿,2016 年广州画廊。曾参加展览与项目包括 2015 年德国基尔 Ziran/Nature,2015 年香港“星计划”空间首展,2008-2009 年曹斐-人民城寨虚拟风水项目,2009 年迈阿密艺术博览会等。除了艺术创作,黄河的实践包括长达 9 年的广州本地艺术机构工作、独立艺评写作和策展,文字曾见于《艺术界 LEAP》与 ARTFORUM 中文网、自媒体“打边炉”等。她的创作兴趣主要关于在“中国”的特殊语境下个人叙事在集体叙事内部发生的碰撞,创作内容涉及即兴声音艺术、图像与文字的叙事、城乡鬼怪传说、精神分析、释梦及占卜。

Huang He was born in Guangzhou, 1985. Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, now lives and works in Foshan. She founded artist-duo Mountain River Jump! with her twin sister Huang Shan. As a member of the group or as an independent artist, her recent participated exhibitions and projects include: Reality Check (2017, SLEEPCENTER, New York), Marching in Circles (2017, Long March Space, Beijing), The Dog Urine (2016, solo exhibition, Canton Gallery), Ziran/Nature (2015, Kiel, Germany), the first group exhibition, Glossy! Shiny! Fertility! of Starproject (2015, Hong Kong), a virtual Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy) project built in the game Second Life, invited by RMB City (2008-2009), Art Basel Miami Beach (2009). Her artistic practices include work experiences in local art institutions for almost 9 years long, independent critical and curatorial work. You could see her contributions on LEAP, website of Artforum and we media Da-bian-lu, etc. Her interest is mainly about how individual narrations crash into collective narrations in the context of “China”. Her works could be referred to sound improvisation, visual & lingual narrations, urban and rural ghost stories, psychoanalysis, oneiromancy, fengshui and divination.

黄河 Huang He

认识 get2know

数码打印  Digital print, 15×20cm, 2017

山河跳!是由1985年出生的双胞胎艺术家黄山、黄河的组成的艺术小组,2016年底在广州诞生。她们既有合作创作,也会在同一语境下独立创作。山河跳!不避讳谈论在1949年至今依然处于半地下状态的民间话题,如轮回、星相学、卡牌占卜、幽灵传说、神话构成等等,探讨兴趣穿梭古今中外,从民间信仰出发探讨主流与官方话语,并对当今现实进行语言和图像的“精神分析”。创作形式包括讲座、互动工作坊、占卜行为、声音、静态或动态的视觉作品。过往项目包括:牛鬼蛇神(群展(生成)洁净,牛棚艺术村,香港,2017)、斗法(展览、互动式研讨会、唐人街宗教场所考察,SLEEPCENTER,纽约,2017)、人间传说之动物成语占卜卡(群展“原地前进”,长征空间,北京,2017)、 寓言帐篷:塔罗与占星(讲座与互动工作坊,OCAT深圳馆,2016),双感应(展览、系列讲座、集体音乐会,五楼空间,广州,2016);媒体文献包括Art Forum网站(展评,2017)、ArtAsiaPacific网站(采访,2017),《美术文献》(2016年第10期)。

Mountain River Jump!is an artist-duo founded in 2016 by identical twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, both of whom were born in 1985. They work as a group while continue their own practices under certain context. Mountain River Jump! like to discuss topics like samsara, astrology, card divination, ghost stories, mythology, etc., which are all denied officially in our secular context. Their interest covers the ancient and the modern. They apply lingual and visual "cultural psychoanalysis" to the reality nowadays and try to access the mainstream ideas and official utterance through the research of folklore. Their practices include a range of media from static visual works to moving images, lectures, workshops, divination behaviors, and sound. Past projects of Mountain River Jump! include "Ox-ghosts and Serpent Spirits " (Group exhibition, " BECOMING", Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong, 2017), "Reality Check" (Exhibition, interactive discussions, religious sites visiting in China Town, SLEEPCENTER, New York, 2017), "Legends in Human World / Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms" (Group exhibition, "Marching in Circles", Long March Space, Beijing, 2017), "Fortune Teller's Tent- Tarot and Horoscope" (Lecture and participatory workshop, OCAT Shenzhen, 2016), "Mutual Telepathy" (Exhibition, lectures and concert, 5 Art Space, Guangzhou, 2016). Press reports include website of Art Forum (an exhibition review, 2017), website of ArtAsiaPacific (interview, 2017), Fine Arts Literature (issue 10, 2016).

山河跳!Moutain River Jump!

人间传说之动物成语占卜卡 #25 对牛弹琴 Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms: Legends in Human World #25 To Play the Guqin for A Bull

单频录像,卡片,尺寸可变  Single Channel video, cards, dimensions variable, 2017


Courtesy of the artist and Canton Gallery.

《广州画廊 Canton Gallery 2015-2017》

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