【展讯】 艾贡个展19日在上苑艺术馆开幕
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【展讯】 艾贡个展19日在上苑艺术馆开幕

Egon solo exhibition in Shangyuan Art Museum

艺术家| Artist:艾贡| Egon

开幕时间 | Opening:2017.8.19  15:30 pm

展览时间 | Exhibition Dates:8.19- 8.24.2017

北京 上苑艺术馆 BEIJING Shangyuan Art Museum

北京市怀柔区桥梓镇沙峪口村 上苑艺术馆
Shangyuan Art Museum , Qiaozi County, Huairou District, Beijing






I inevitably walked on the road, touching a boulder, climbed up to stand on the stone and found the stone had been getting higher. Looking around, I saw all of the things that are being swallowed by the earth and attracted by the sun. The opposite direction of the two deaths of the power given to life, life is also consumption of life. I am in the space and the illusion of time, afraid of these two hypothetical states, eager to touch the outline of space and time. This desire has extended a greater illusion. Naturally I began to admire earth and rock, water, plants, animals ... ...

Ignoring life and death is a real respect for life.

After this clarity and transparency, I saw my feet, legs, torso, saw my heart, saw my head, my ears, my nose, my mouth, I finally saw my eyes. They are the parts of this flesh through endless work with their own regeneration, collecting the energy I use to self-complete. Need to complete my stage of independence and withdrawal. I will become a tree, a stone ... ... I will become all the trees, all the stones ... ... I will become everything, I will become something I do not know exists. I see that time and space are working endlessly, as are all of my senses.

Awareness always has more of what I need. The external traces are the main source of energy from my children who began to draw on their eyes, and I cannot choose to avoid the way I will return.


布面丙烯             80×100cm     2017年(上苑艺术馆收藏)



Egon’s abstract paintings, in my opinion, is a profound experience, a form of generalized transcendence.Thistranscendence portrayal requires an attempt in denial on the world, on history and the self, restrained by our society. Furthermore, it necessitates the liberation of universal power and love. It’s also Buddhist ideology: the opposite of parochial love from this denial. This profound experience can only be expressed through poetry or visual symbolism, which is also the reason  Egon’s poetry is so impressive. In an emotionally scarcity, spiritually dispersed society, this experience provides healthy reflection and self-cultivation, temporary isolation from the reality of the surroundings, and is integrated with universal/general reality.For People in an emotional unhealthy society, to maintain emotional health. In the abstract depiction of Egon, you can experience a kind of simplicity and childlike innocence.

                                                                 Feng Tong

纸上丙烯             40×50cm     2017年(上苑艺术馆收藏)




Edvard Munch:"一种艺术,若不因人敞开心灵的需要而挣扎降生,便不具有艺术的资格一一所有的艺术作品,包括音乐,都必须带着艺术家的血流淌而出。"




纸上丙烯             40×50cm     2017年(上苑艺术馆收藏)

布面丙烯             40×64cm     2017年(上苑艺术馆收藏)

布面丙烯             70×70cm     2017年

布面丙烯        100×100cm 2017年

布面丙烯        100×120cm 2017年

纸上丙烯         100×90cm   2017年








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