Iberia Center for Contemporary Art
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COMMUNITY OF TASTES ------- The Inauguration Exhibition of the Iberia Center For Contemporary Art

Iberia Center for Contemporary Art will announce the exhibition “Community of Tastes” on April 15th 2008, at 5:00 p.m., in 798 art district, on #4 Jiuqianqiao.
This exhibition constitutes Iberia Center’s first event, and marks the beginning of its collaboration and production plan with China contemporary art.

Established by a Spanish International Cultural and Art Foundation, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art is the first academic institution for contemporary art exhibition, education, research and artworks collecting, The Center focuses on the promotion of Chinese contemporary art, as well as prominent international artists and artistic projects on a global scale. 

Chinese workers are really efficient: they are the best guys in the Chinese art community

Although the atmosphere was filled with the smell of renovation and rubbish, and that some visitors tried to find a label by a bag of cement, the exhibition still opened.

A few works description:
Song Dong"s work is a modified cleaning-machine or vacuum-cleaner, which seems to be tied with four swabs, but should still be running.

Zhao Bandi"s work consists of a video about his panda, and a silk banner showing <> .

Liu Ding"s work is composed of neon lights fixed on a metal structure, at the second floor of the exhibition space, and a Buddha’s head washed by two water faucets. 

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