Neurosis and Prattle - Jiang Zhi
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Neurosis anf Prattle
Jiang Zhi"s Solo Exhibition

Venue: Marella Gallery (Beijing 789)
Opening: July 5th, 2008
Exhibition dates: 5th July - 30th July, 2008

Including a new series of artworks realized with different media (installations, video and photos), the show to be host at Marella Gallery Beijing this coming July presents Jiang Zhi’s attitude and feelings in front of a life that is hastily changing day by day.

2008 is the turning point of a series of transformations that inhabited China since its opening up. Jiang Zhi observes and focuses on this crucial moment and speculates on its effects on people.

Analyzing “psychosis” as a psychological state of suffering, generally known as neurosis, that doesn’t manifest itself only as a disease but also a pathological state with no real illness related, Jiang Zhi sees contemporary society affected by a feeling of anxiety, paranoia and depression. People’s lives are cemented in an aura of disillusions and uncertainties; it becomes easy thus to lose the perception of reality.

Associated to this Nietzsche borrowed image is a dream-like approach to facts and things: Jiang Zhi sarcastically points at people as they were unable to express themselves but only through prattles and nattering. Related to art, and to the common belief that art is made of nothing, of pure abstraction, the Chinese word that the artist use in the title of the show and stand for the English “prattle” represents a non sense discourse that picture contemporary lives, emptied or just filled with air and feathers.

Beijing, June 2008 (Text from Marella Gallery Website)

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In God We Trust, Installation, 2008

Day after day, video 2004

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Rainbow out of the service area, photograph, 2008

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Visitors at the entrance of the exhibition...[/font]

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After the opening....