Christoph Büchel克里斯托夫•布切尔-Christoph Büchel克里斯托夫•布切尔
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Christoph Büchel


瑞士装置艺术家克里斯托夫•布切尔(Christoph Büchel )1966年出生于巴塞尔,现仍生活、居住在那里。他的三维立体装置作品,探索的是一些极端的心理状态,如生存专家、流浪汉、广场恐惧者等,呈现它们的内部空间
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Christoph Büchel和麻省当代艺术馆(Mass MoCA)馆长Joseph Thompson为麻省MoCA巨大的5号建筑勾画了一幅宏伟的蓝图。

Büchel构思的这一件作品,其实体规模与气势恢宏的表现对象(简单地说就是意识形态战争)一样令人叹为观止。Thompson准备提供Büchel计划所需要的(接近150)吨材料,其中包括一整座废弃的电影院,一家低级酒吧,科德角的一幢两层楼高的房子和美军用来训练驻伊拉克部队的模拟村庄重建物。这个名为《民主训练场》(Training Ground for Democracy)的装置原定于2006年12月与公众见面。

不幸的是,艺术家和美术馆的关系很快破裂。钱是个大问题。要买的东西堆积如山,大大超出了预算,但麻省MoCA仍不能让Büchel满意。12月过去后,Büchel拒绝继续完成项目,也不允许美术馆将作品展出。最初把这个项目介绍给麻省MoCA的策展人Nato Thompson(与馆长Joseph Thompson没有亲属关系)无法调和双方的矛盾。2007年5月22日,美术馆终于取消了展览。





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《AKH 50068 LX》

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《Close Quaters》

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《Conjurer 》(Unplugged)

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《Conquest of Paradise 》(RDX)

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《Conquest of Paradise (RDX)》 (Unplugged)

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〈Fliegender Händler〉

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〈Hanging Shoes〉  (Unplugged)

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〈Home Affairs〉

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〈Red Cross 〉(Liquidation)

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〈Seat Belt Dealer〉 (Unplugged)

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〈Simply Botiful〉


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<Voting Booths> (Unplugged)

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<X-Mas Tree> (Unplugged)

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〈AC-130 Gunship〉 Targeting Video  DVD

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〈America we stand as one 〉  DVD

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Christoph Büchel - Art Unlimited 2007
Simply Botiful is the installation by Swiss artist Christoph Bücheland the cramped, creepy, unsettling work is an alternative reality where viewers can walk from room to room to find themselves climbing into the back of a lorry, squeezing around piles of obsolete cameras and tiptoeing through an abandoned sweat shop, filled with sewing machines that seem ot have only been humming and singing in unison moments before.What else are you likely to see? Well, you'll have to go along and experience it yourself. The scenarios and settings Buchel have created are intended to provoke deep, unsettling feelings in the viewer and you've got to bring your own paranoias, fears and prejudices to the exhibition.
Buchel likes to force his audience into an uneasy complicity with the sleaziness, discomfort and unsettling scenarios he creates - as a paying visitor, you are somehow responsible for what you are walking through. Sometimes you are a victim at the mercy of the environment Buchel puts up around you, sometimes you are a voyeur onto someone else's misery - and we can't say which is worse. The effect is to critique and encourage criticism of existing institutes and political agendas - whether walking around a pile of abandoned fridges can achieve that is up to the audience members resisting or allowing Buchel's
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Christoph Büchel: Last Man Out Turn Off Lights

Swiss artist Christoph Büchel’s new work at Tramway shows timely poetic serendipity with the volcanic ash floating through Western Europe’s empty airspace. Büchel has blown up a defunct aeroplane to set up a fictitious scenario showcasing a futile attempt to put the plane’s pieces back together again. Surrounding a forensic investigation within an archaeological wasteland, you will find an abandoned prison environment housed in a labyrinth of shipping containers. The inmates were seemingly allowed plenty of time to play football and to drink in two segregated pubs – one for the boys in blue and the other for those who prefer green. Like an episode of Lost, the clues, however, do not all add up, but the engrossing effect is in line with the artist’s usual captivating practice.

Once you look past the literal reading of a crashed plane, enchantment comes through the simulated experience of walking inside a video game set in a prison, or a disaster film set. But it is more than this, it is a hyper-real environment set up in an attempt to circumvent image saturation, and instead guides us in a very material way. Absent is the stench of an enclosed masculine quarter – we know that no one has ever showered, slept or cooked here.

Call him a prankster (and you might feel compelled to do so before or after your visit), but Büchel and his crew go out of their way to cook up a storm for their viewers, and what is on offer here is made with painstaking sweat and tears. Confronted in the flesh by heaps of triviality and embellishment, you do feel cared for.

Other recent projects included a blown up bus and earlier this year the artist invited a local swingers’ club in Vienna to hold orgies in the Secession Hall where he also displayed related paraphernalia as a nod to Gustav Klimt’s famous Beethoven Frieze which caused outrage and media attention in 1902. Similarly at Tramway, the parallels drawn with current affairs in Scotland and abroad, and the exhibition’s apocalyptic title might just be too close for comfort.
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