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法国当代艺术家、策展人Xavier Veilhan主要作品包括雕塑、多媒体装置等。
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展览“特里盖迪的男爵”(Le Baron de Triqueti)让人印象深刻,他为展览精心设计了一件大型装置,这是一个独特的展台空间,在其上他将古代雕塑与现代雕塑跨时空同台展出,他想藉此研究是:雕塑的变异。
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著名电子乐团Air在07年发行的专辑《Pocket symphony》封面也是出自他手。他所要表现的,是对于传统的重塑和与现代技术的整合。

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《le coucou》
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《La Cabane》
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《le feu》
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Xavier Veilhan's Balls at Louis Vuitton, New York

Xavier Veilhan 在纽约路易威登第五大道旗舰店

It's a rare occasion that I venture anywhere near midtown during the holiday season but last month I ventured into the sea of tourists, braced myself in the cold gusts of wind and stepped into the rather aloof atmosphere of Louis Vuitton's flagship Fifth Avenue store. I was there essentially to look up, or at least upon first entering. There, quietly rotating above my head was French artist Xavier Veilhan's Mobile, a sculpture comprised of large purple globes hanging in clusters from steel wires like roots from a tree. Motors at the base of sculpture rotated the orbs quietly around. Immediately it made the space more approachable.


The work was first shown, in a different configuration, during Veilhan's 2009 exhibition at the Chateau de Versailles. It was made for- and installed above the Gabriel Staircase. One year later, on the corner of Fifth Avenue in a bustling city, it took on a new life (Veilhan later commented that all of his works are autonomous). Moving from a place of great history to the 2004-opened Jun Aoki and Peter Marino-designed LV megastore is a poignant indication of the power of art and integration of art into lifestyle, potentially changing one's perception of- and offering different interactions with artworks outside of the museum or gallery, whether in the context of a historical site or a commercial mecca (though that's not to say that I always agree with art being situated in commercial spaces).

Following the viewing, guests of LV were taken to their "Magic Room," where a talk between Veilhan and Dia Art Foundation director Philippe Vergne took place. The first images to appear on the two screens set up was Veilhan's photograph The Eiffel Tower (1999). Vergne opened the discussion, commenting on Veilhan's "castration of the Eiffel Tower," which was met with chuckles from the audience. Veilhan (who, at the mention of castration had developed a slight blush on his cheeks) simply said that the iconic French structure was either being constructed or deconstructed. This was just the beginning of what became a rather jocular -- and thoroughly enjoyable -- conversation between the two Frenchman. Veilhan was very articulate; he spoke about his relationship to art history -- naming influences from Vermeer to the obvious, Alexander Calder -- and architecture; the collaborative nature of his work; and his "dream project," a traveling exhibition where he chooses the venues, mostly rooftops around the globe (the project is apparently in the process of being realized). The hour-long talk was then followed by a beautiful meal by French celebrity chef par excellence Daniel Boulud himself, who came out to thank his long time friends Louis Vuitton.

This was part of a series of art talks hosted by Louis Vuitton, a major supporter of the arts. The Louis Vuitton Art Talks launched in 2006 and have featured artists Vanessa Beecroft, Dinos and Jake Chapman, Sam Taylor-Wood, Tracey Emin, Chris Ofili and Antony Gormley. In October, Louis Vuitton and MoCA hosted an intimate discussion between Richard Prince and Jeffry Deitch at the home of Edythe and Eli Broad in Malibu, California, marking the North American debut of the Louis Vuitton Art Talk series.

Mobile is replacing Olafur Eliasson's, You See Me, as the Louis Vuitton Fifth Avenue Maison's permanent art installation (The Olafur Eliasson piece will be transferred cross-country to Louis Vuitton Rodeo Drive). And in 2011, Veilhan will show, "Free Fall", consisting of five original new artworks, as the inaugural exhibition at Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo, an art space on the 7th floor of a landmark building in the Omotesando area, which was first conceived as a Louis Vuitton store by Jun Aoki in 2002.

Xavier Veilhan with Mobile
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View of the exhibition "Free Fall" in 2011 at Espace Louis Vuitton, Tokyo (Japan)

in 2011 at Galerie Perrotin , Paris

"Figure n°1 (Xavier)" 2010

"Figure n°5 (La Femme Nue)" 2010

"Art for the World, The city of forking Path" in 2010 in Shanghai (China)

"Laurent" 2010

"Laurent" 2010 Polyurethane resin-(Indoor sculpture)

"Laurent" 2010 White enamel polyurethane painting -(Outdoor or indoor sculpture)

"The Carriage" 2010

"Catch Me!" in 2010 at Kunsthaus Graz, Graz (Austria)

"Emmanuelle" 2010

"Emmanuelle" 2010 Steel, stainless steel. Outdoor/Indoor sculpture/Acier, inox

"Blind Sculpture (Head), Jean Nouvel" 2009

"Blind Sculpture(Head), Jean Nouvel", 2009 Steel, epoxy painting

"Claude Parent" 2009

"Claude Parent" 2009 Aluminium, polyurethane painting

the exhibition at the Château de Versailles in 2009

"Jean-Philippe Vassal" 2009

"Jean-Philippe Vassal" 2009 Aluminium,polyurethane painting

"Mobile" 2009, New York

"Richard Rogers" 2009

"Richard Rogers"2009 Polyurethane, blue epoxy painting

"The Horse" 2009

"The Horse", 2009 Black painted steel

Collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montreal, Canada

Maquette du "Cheval"

The works installed at the Contemporary Museum of Montreal, Canada

"Yorgo" 2009

"Yorgo" 2009 Polyurethane, grey epoxy painting

"VEILHAN VERSAILLES" in 2009 at Château de Versailles

"La Lune" / "The Shadow Moon" 2009

"Le Jet d'eau" / "The Fountain" 2009

Big Light Machine (Versailles), 2009

La Femme nue / The Naked Woman, 2009

Le Coucou / The Cuckoo, 2007

Le Gisant, Youri Gagarine, 2009

Les Architectes / The Architects, 2009

"Amish " 2008

"Amish " 2008 Stereolithography, painting

Exhibition view at Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, 2008

"Baia di Genova n°1" 2008

"Baia di Genova n°1" 2008 Glass, paper, needles, wood

Details of the work

"Fond" 2008

"Fond" 2008 Digital chromogenic print, plasticized and glue-backed on aluminium, steel frame

"Large Carriage" 2008

Exhibition view at Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, 2008

Stereolithography, painting

"Lithophanie n°15 (Clouds)" 2008

"Lithophanie n°15 (Clouds)" 2008 Resin, painted wood, candle

"Mare" 2008

Exhibition view at Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Turin, 2008

"Marey" 2008

Exhibition view of "Le Mont Analogue" Centro Cultural Metropolitan, Quito, Ecuador traveling to Montevideo

View of the exhibition "Furtivo" in 2008 at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris

"Monceau" 2008

"Monceau" 2008 Polyurethane, string, painted wood

"Sandra" 2008

Aluminium, steel

"Shark" 2008

"Shark" 2008 Polished inox

"Sophie" 2008

Polystyrene, steel structure, polyester resin, yellow epoxy painting

Work in situ, "Le Germain" Restaurant, Paris

"Stealth n°1" 2008

"Stealth n°1" 2008

"The Chandelier" 2008

"The Chandelier" 2008 Beech tree,candles, metal, rope

"The Mobile" 2008

Aluminium, steel, epoxy painting, plastic, rope

View of the exhibition in 2007 at Galerie Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm (Sweden)

View of the exhibition "Metric" in 2007 at Sandra Gering and Lopez gallery, New York (U.S.A.)

"Debora" 2006

"Debora" 2006 Birch / Bouleau

Exhition view "Sculptures Automatiques" Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, 2006

"Fractals (black)" 2006

Laser cut aluminum (series of three pieces)

"Keep the brown" 2003/2007

740' color silent movie, DVD

"Le film du Japon" 2002/2007

830' color silent movie DVD

"Le Gisant " 2007

Epoxy resin version

Polyurethane, epoxy paint

"Lithophanie n°7 (Kyoto)" 2006

"Lithophanie n°7 (Kyoto)" 2006

"Lithophanie n°8 (Mangusta)" 2006

"Lithophanie n°8 (Mangusta)" 2006 White Corian, painted medium, wood candles

"Mobile n°2" 2006

50 plastic spheres and mat black painting

"Sebastien" 2006

Exhibition view "Sculptures Automatiques", Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris 2006

View of the exhibition "La Force de l'Art" in 2006 at Le Grand Palais, Paris

"The three Sophie" 2006

"Xavier" 2006

Polyurethane version

Polyurethane, epoxy painting

View of the exhibition "Val de Marne Performance concieved by Xavier Veilhan with Sébastien Tellier" in 2006 at MAC VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine (France)

"Debora" 2005

Polyurethane, wood

Stained polyurethane

View of the exhibition "Éléments Célestes" Chanel, Paris 2005

"The Black House / La Maison noire" 2005

"The Cuckoo" 2005

Aluminium, epoxy painting

in 2005 at 3 rd Biennal of Contemporary Art of Valencia, Valencia (Spain)

View of the exhibition "People as Volume" in 2005 at Galerie Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm (Sweden)

"Big Light Machine (Jet)" 2004

4'40'' looped-movie, electric and electronic system, aluminium, bulbs

View of the exhibition "Light Machines" in 2004 at Fondation Vasarely, Paris (France)

"Laika" 2004

Exhibition view at Musée de Louvre, Paris 2004

Lacquered aluminium, biscuit, synthetic plaster

"The Big Mobile" 2004

Installation view at Centre Pompidou, Paris 2004

View during "Nuit Blanche" curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Jerôme Sans, Paris 2006

View during "Nuit Blanche" curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Jerôme Sans, Paris 2006

"The Lion" 2004

Public work commissioned, CUB Bordeaux, DRAC Aquitaine

"The Monster" 2004

PU resi

"Untitled (Pommery)" 2004

View of the exhibition "Vanishing Point" in 2004 at Centre Pompidou, Paris

"Catherine, red n.1" 2002

Serigraphy on pine

View of the exhibition "Le Projet Hyperéaliste 1996/2003" in 1996-2003 at National Academy Museum, New York, New York (USA)

"The Model T Ford" 1999

"Untitled (Gaël on the Rhinoceros)" 1999

"Untitled (Le Cow-Boy)" 1999

Laminated digital ink print, plasticized and mounted on PVC

"Untitled (Pascal & Laurent)" 1999

Laminated digital ink-print, plasticized and mounted on PVC

"Untitled (The Horse)" 1999

Laminated digital ink-jet print, plasticized and mounted on aluminium

"Untitled (The Sculpture)" 1995

Laminated digital ink-jet print, plasticized and mounted on PVC