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gelitin 是一个由4位年轻艺术家组成的小组。他们4人在1978年的一个夏热营里相遇,自此就一起工作游戏。1993年起,他们的多个作品开始在国际的视野里浮现。

Gelitin 创造让人们互动的幽默及好玩的场景。他们的作品如孩子似的,让人们在欢乐的公共空间内与艺术交流。
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The Hamsterwheel  鼠轮

Arsenale, Venice, Italy 

gelitin built a wooden construction of embracing arches up to the ceiling and had a good time in venice and were never without Günther Bernhart, Christoph Meier, Christoph Harringer, Gabriel Loebell, Patrizio Telesio, Günther Gerdes, Francesco Stocci, Sara Glaxia, Salvatore Viviano, Jochen Dehn, Schuyler Maehl, Mundi and Frikki

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The Dig Cunt  阴道 

Coney Island, New York, USA 
Seven days, day after day, gelitin commuted in the morning from a small hotel at Times Square to Coney Island bringing shovels and spades to dig. Sometimes people joined.
Every evening the hole was filled up again and we caught the Q or the B home to Manhattan.

七天,日复一日,每天早晨 Gelitin 都会带上铲子和铁锹集合在时代广场的一个小酒店门口,然后集体前往 Coney 岛 去挖洞。有时候还有人加入他们一起挖。

每个黄昏,洞都会被填平,然后他们会带上 Q或 B 回曼哈顿。

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Das Kakabet 

Galerie Nicola von Senger, Zürich, Schweiz 

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Bunter Abend

Deitch Projects, New York, USA 
gelitin spanned wooden arches over a dinner party celebrating Jason Schmidt磗 photography book "Artists".
Together with Schuyler Maehl, Mundi and Frikki.

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Chinese Synthese Leberkäse 

Kunsthaus Bregenz, Austria 
A monolithic exhibition by gelitin.
Welcome and drop your pants on the ground floor.
A forest of poems surrounds the visitor, lures her into the elephant with its labyrinth of handknitted letters. Here the little brown sun finally rises.
Down the steps, up the stairs.
Large-format paintings, lemurs, frogs, bakers, farmers, worms, women, hands, eyelashes, wriggle up from the mud that they are. A whispering in the mud above you, next to you, and beneath you.
Look longer and you get more out of it.
The Movies or How do I Survive the Afternoon is the theme of the next floor.
The film being shown here tells the story of innocent curiosity, charity, and the loss of all sense of time and compassion.
Third floor: abdominal pregnancy. Behind the navel, small intestine, mother of all elephants.

gelitin with Hannes Anderle, Marc Aschenbecher Aschenbrenner, G黱ther Bernhart, Vaginal Davis, Dame Darcy, Sabine Friesz, G黱ter Gerdes, Sara Glaxia, Christoph Harringer, David Jourdan, Knut Kla遝n, Jochen Knochen Dehn, Sean de Lear, Gabriel Loebell, Christoph Meier, Rita Nowak, Paola Pivi, Sara Pichelkostner

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Tantamounter 24/7 

Leo Koenig Inc., New York, USA 
The 揟antamounter 24/7?is like a huge xerox copy machine, only bigger, more complex and more clever.
Inside there are some completely hardwired intense individuals operating day and night under close supervision of a bankrupt psychiatrist.

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Gagosian Gallery, London. England 
to feel like a humongous implosion, sucking you into deep and profound chaos, instability, joy and pure wonder. Fresh clean waterfalls, slimy sofa islands, bridges of fear and beauty, all these miracles are made from leftovers of living and provide the terrain of the 'Sweatwat.'


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Hase / Rabbit / Coniglio 

Artesina, Piemont, Italy 
2005 - 2025 
The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent;
and then, behind a hill, as if knitted by giant grandmothers, lies this vast rabbit, to make you feel as small as a daisy.
The toilet-paper-pink creature lies on its back: a rabbit-mountain like Gulliver in Lilliput. Happy you feel as you climb up along its ears, almost falling into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woolen landscape of the rabbit蘳 body, a country dropped from the sky;
ears and limbs sneaking into the distance; from its side flowing heart, liver and intestines.
Happily in love you step down the decaying corpse, through the wound, now small like a maggot, over woolen kidney and bowel.
Happy you leave like the larva that gets its wings from an innocent carcass at the roadside.
Such is the happiness which made this rabbit.
i love the rabbit the rabbit loves me.

After almost 5 years of knitting the rabbit found its final place in the italian alps (close to Cuneo). It waits there to be visited by you. You might even take your time or check back every now and then as the rabbit will wait for you 20 years from now on.







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Les innocents aux pieds sales 

Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Paris, France 

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Zapf de Pipi 

1 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Russia 
The cold temperatures of russian winter offered the chance to build our first museum ice sculpture.
Some 200 thousand kidneys supported gelatin by donating a watery solution of metabolic wastes (such as urea), dissolved salts and organic materials.
After some weeks the "Zapf de Pipi" turned into a handsome 7 meter tall and one meter fat pipi amber colored iceicle.
Visitors had to enter a traditional fairytale hut to access the iceicle, hanging outside into the courtyard of the Moscow Lenin Museum. This hut was mainly built to keep the cold temperatures outside the museum halls and to offer some privacy, but was soon transformed to a public bulletin board filled with hundreds of graffiti tags on its wooden walls.

过了几个星期后 "Zapf de Pipi" 变成了一个漂亮的7米高一米肥的琥珀色的冰柱。

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Otto Volante 

Galeria Massimo De Carlo, Milano, Italy 
The work is a very sweet and poetic present to Otto the most loved cow of our grandmother.
Otto was always dreaming about lifting up into the sky...

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Möbelsalon Käsekrainer 

Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien, Austria 

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Nasser Klumpatsch 

ICA Sofia, Bulgaria 
If you look into the map it磗 about 700 km (435 miles) from Vienna, Austria to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Doing that trip on 50ccm Mopeds you find out that磗 totally wrong.
The beauty about travelling at butterfly wings speed, is exactly that.
Go East!

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gelitin at the shore of lake Pipi Kacka 

Frieze Art Fair, London, England 
"Gelatin's sold out presentation at London's first Frieze Art Fair welcomed audience, critics and fans into the darkened lecture hall, candle-lit by a table top human birthday cake. They gave a vivid review of recent site specific works from the Shanghai, Berlin and Salzburg employing the technical aid of slides, blackboard diagrams, scary videos, a Chinese translator and helpful assistants. Displaying balance and flexibility the boys re-interpreted their Arc de triomphe piss-in-mouth sculpture. With exquisite aim and a sing-a-long finale, it is safe to say that the Gelatin offered Art Fair goers something slightly different than the regular art fare." by Vargas Organisation, London ([url]

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Arc de Triomphe 

Rupertinum, Salzburg, Austria 

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[17楼] 嘿乐乐 2007-11-12 06:19:50

Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland 
Behind four walls something megascarry was awaiting you.
Because of its hugeness and potential energy it could only be a flaschomat.

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True Love IV 

Gwangju Korea Biennale, Southkorea 
On day 88 of the year 2002 four eager astronauts boarded the impressive fourstory building tall rocketship "True Tove IV" located in South Korea. to embark on a 25 year mission to venus and back to earth.
The missions objective was to investigate in the nature of love and return samples to earth to obtain knowledge about how humans could rebalance the different love-forces on earth.
Unfortunately there were serious miscalculations made about the rockets ballistics end engines. Seconds after ignition, the rocket fell back to earth after having lifted of the ground for just one centimeter and
collapsed sideways onto the ground.
Mysteriously the astronauts survived the blast and the impact.
They said they where sad not to be on the trip to venus but happy to be alive and ready for love.

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You must stop Curien! 

Sonsbeek 9, Arnhem, Netherlands 
Hot mud is cool!

together with chris janka and motel nooitgedacht

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The B-Thing 

World Trade Center, New York, USA 
"And then the surgical intervention in the World Trade Center in New York City. Everything top secret and illegal of course. In days of conspiratorial work, somewhere on the 148th floor and using building site refuse they had tediously smuggled into the building under their pullovers, they constructed a functioning load-bearing balcony. In a long complicated process they scratched putty from the tall heavy window, which couldn't be opened. Then they extracted it using suction pads, shunted the balcony out, posed on it at 6 in the morning and had themselves photographed there from a helicopter for their nearest and dearest back home. They kept very mum about it all, because if word had crept out about their coup they could have been fined very heavily for sabotaging a national treasure. Even if it was built by the Japanese. Incidentally, as proof that they were there, there is now a piece of old chewing gum stuck to the outside of the building at a dizzy height.", by Tex Rubinowitz, in "The B-Thing"

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In Between, Expo Hannover, Germany

"What precisely gelatin are showing at In Between is not known. Their Weltwunder is concealed three meters below ground level and can be reached only by going underwater. To get at this "Wonder Of The World", visitors to Expo 2000 will have to strip off, ask their friends to take care of their belongings, take deep breath and dive in."
The way to enter the Weltwunder, diving down in that cozy hole was exciting enough. Trying it the first time your heart was beating like when looking into the eyes of your first love.
It磗 seems really exciting to discover a wonder. People who managed to dive down did not come back for 10, 20 minutes. After getting out of the waterhole they glared like totally changed - seeming to be the happiest persons, who just experienced the best thing since a long time.
Amazingly also the divers, who didn磘 make it down all the way, who kept trying several times but could not handle it by any means, stepped out ouf the water totally illuminated, like it was also their best day since months. That磗 why the Weltwunder was a "Wonder Of The World".

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Elefant 大象

Skulptur, Mixed Media, Staubsauger
120 X 90 X 50 cm

[23楼] 嘿乐乐 2007-11-12 08:33:28

18 x 10 x 10 cm

[24楼] 嘿乐乐 2007-11-12 08:34:25
Grand Marquis
(Kino Installation)

Mixed media
750 X 350 X 300 cm

[25楼] guest 2009-02-08 11:39:56
[26楼] nanbaba 2011-01-23 00:12:24

Gelitin, Blind Sculpture, at Greene Naftali Gallery, New York, through February 27, 2010

Opening of Gelitin exhibition, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo

Opening of Gelitin exhibition, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo

flesh and stone
Opening of Gelitin exhibition, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo

Opening of Gelitin exhibition, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

29.fevrier.2008- Gelitin Exhibit Opening @ Musée d´Art moderne de la Ville de Paris

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